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Developments in Iowa Arboriculture Law (Cases & Statutes of Interest)

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 Developments in Iowa Arboriculture Law (Cases & Statutes of Interest)
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National tree law expert Victor D. Merullo has compiled a thorough selection of case law illustrative of the various concepts of arboricultural law as addressed by Iowa courts.  Since, Iowa’s judicial system is based upon the ideal of following precedent, knowing the outcome of prior decisions will help anyone to know their rights.  Each case is categorized and summarized in an easy to understand format that provides for quick comprehension of how Iowa courts have ruled on the selected concept. Topics covered include: adjoining landowners (encroachment/boundary disputes, trespass), contracts, damages & negligence (public/private).  Also, the document contains a listing of Iowa statutes related to the field of arboriculture. Whether you are a homeowner looking to know your rights, a professional arborist, or anyone in between, this document will give you a speedy and straightforward guide to arboricultural law in Iowa.